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Install Nextflow

If not already installed, install Java:

Install Nextflow: curl -s | bash

This command will create a nextflow executable in the current directory. To simplify usage, consider moving this executable to a directory that is available on $PATH. One common place for this is a bin/ directory in your home folder:

mkdir -p ~/bin                                      # Creates a bin directory in the home folder
mv nextflow ~/bin                                   # Moves nextflow to that directory
echo 'export PATH="$HOME/bin:$PATH"' >> ~/.bashrc   # Make the directory accessible on $PATH
source ~/.bashrc                                    # Reload the shell configuration

Verify that Nextflow is accessible by going to your home directory (cd ~) and typing nextflow on the command line.

Install Docker

Install Docker. Ensure that the Docker engine is running by typing docker images. If the engine is running, it should return a (possibly empty) list of container images currently downloaded to your system.