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MCMICRO is a multi-institutional effort with contributions by the following developers:

Harvard Medical SchoolArtem Sokolov
Clarence Yapp
Jeremy Muhlich
Yu-An Chen
Clemens Hug
Greg Baker
Juha Ruokonen
Edward Novikov
Robert Krueger
Heidelberg UniversityDenis Schapiro
Florian Wünnemann
Miguel Ibarra
Krešimir Beštak
Victor Perez
Oregon Health and Sciences UniversityAllison Creason
Jeremy Goecks
Daniel Persson
Qiang Gu
Luke Sargent
Cameron Watson
Luke Strgar
Dana-Farber Cancer InstituteAjit Johnson
Vanderbilt UniversityDarren Tyson
Brigham and Women’s HospitalGiorgio Gaglia
The Jackson LaboratoryBrian White
Broad InstituteHuan Wang
Brigham Young UniversityMatthew Hodgman
Indica LabsErik Burlingame
University of MacauYimin Zheng
Sage BionetworksAdam Taylor

Additional efforts

Additional development is contributed by researchers in the laboratory of Peter Sorger and the HMS Laboratory of Systems Pharmacology.

Website Developers

Early adopters

  • Roxy Pelletier
  • Zoltan Maliga
  • Janae Davis
  • Hanisha Udhani
  • Tuulia Vallius
  • Connor Jacobson
  • Claire Ritch
  • Nomeda Girnius


This work is supported by:

  • NCI grants U54-CA22508U2C-CA233262 and U2C-CA233280 as part of the Human Tumor Atlas Network.
  • NIH grant 1U54CA225088: Systems Pharmacology of Therapeutic and Adverse Responses to Immune Checkpoint and Small Molecule Drugs as part of the Center For Cancer Systems Biology Consortium.
  • NIH grant 1U24CA274494-01: Multi-Consortia Coordinating Center (MC2 Center) for Cancer Biology: Building Interdisciplinary Scientific Communities, Coordinating Impactful Resource Sharing, and Advancing Cancer Research
  • Ludwig Center at Harvard Medical School and the Ludwig Cancer Research Foundation
  • Denis Schapiro was supported by the University of Zurich BioEntrepreneur-Fellowship (BIOEF-17-001) and a Swiss National Science Foundation Early Postdoc Mobility fellowship (P2ZHP3_181475). He is currently a Damon Runyon Quantitative Biology Fellow

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