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This website contains several types of documentation

  1. Overview provides relevant background information related to multiplexed tissue imaging and MCMICRO.

  2. View a visual guide through the steps of MCMICRO, then download example data to try it yourself!

  3. The tutorial* provides a step-by-step example workflow that allows beginners to process two example sample data sets into mosaic images.

    * First time users should start here to verify that MCMICRO is working with their system

  4. Inputs/Outputs sections provide detailed documentation on what the inputs and outputs expected by MCMICRO are.

    *View the troubleshooting section when running into problems.

  5. Go to platforms to learn how to deploy MCMICRO in your compute environment.

  6. Go to parameters for reference information on the usage and parameters for the various MCMICRO modules.

    * View parameter tuning for in-depth guides on how parameter values affect module output.

  7. Visit community to learn more about the cross-institutional effort that has culminated in MCMICRO and to get involved!